Construction works

We have the ability to execute any building desired by customers – real estate and residential buildings – commercial buildings – industrial buildings.
In addition to the finishing works for each building in according to the desire of customers in terms of the installation of tiles, ceramics, marble , interior and exterior lighting works for buildings , and sanitary pipes installations works , water pipes installations works , And all kind of decorations works, as false ceilings or gypsum board ceilings and special decoration works for walls and the implementation of all paint work in all types.

Supplying Construction materials

The ability to supply all the kind of the materials needed for construction work and according to the desire of customers at reasonable prices by the efforts of our specialized procurement team.

Professional Manpower

Ability to provide manpower in all disciplines and professions as needed by customers.

Road and infrastructure works

We have the experience, capacity and equipment to carry out all major and secondary road works in terms of excavation, backfilling and leveling as per required specifications.
We have a team specialized in the asphalt works, in accordance with the required specifications.

Lighting works and maintenance

The ability to carry out the lighting work, whether internal or external, as road lighting and buildings lighting and home lighting.

Landscaping and planting

We have sufficient experience to carry out this kind of work such as planting ornamental trees and fruitful trees and planting natural grass and installation of artificial grass in addition to the implementation of public gardens and private gardens.

Excavation, backfilling and leveling works

.We have the ability to carry out all the normal and deep excavation work also backfilling and leveling work
.We have a fleet of equipment that qualifies us to do all kinds of contracting work
.We also have a specialized team of engineers, surveyors and labor experienced in this type of contracting work

Heavy equipment renting

Because we have equipment to qualify us for contracting works, we also have a special section to rent equipment to other contractors as their needed.

Potable and non-potable water

Providing potable and non-potable water for all projects according to the required quantities of customers.